Skills & Process

We create unique industrial design, having gone into all the process details and taken under control all its key points. It includes everything from research and search of ideas to the starting the production object.

1 Project Research

Design starts with right questions that provide an understanding of interaction between a product and a human, and with specifics of manufacturing and business processes of a company. We strive to find a reference point before setting the project development vector.

2 Search of Ideas

We aim to create timeless and iconic product. We look for solutions that evoke emotional response in the human mind when designing new concepts and images.

3 Test Prototyping

When working on a project, we make prototypes that help in assessing of the object visual solution and provide for testing of the ergonomics at early stages. Results of the tests facilitate improving of the existing solutions.

4 CAD modeling

Our studio closely cooperates with an engineering department of a company-manufacturer when carrying out 3D modeling and engineering development of a product. The goal of the process is to create the highest level product and start its mass production.

5 Visualization

Our photorealistic objective visualizations honorably represent a new object and may serve as a presentational material of a product, may be put onto its package, or used in a new press-release.

6 Final Prototyping

We make models of high quality that provide for not only assessing of a product outlook, but for presenting the new product at an expo and receiving feedback or making a catalogue photo shoot, before a commercial-type product is launched.